Mouse Hunt

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Animale și animale de companie

Prince Michael meets his new roommate, Toby, in the brand new film Mouse Hunt.
Turn on Closed Captions for Prince Michael's commentary.
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Talent: Lorenzo, Nychelle, Biani Benitez, Erika Schindele, Sofia Franco, Stephanie Croy, Cazimir Milostan, Lexi Pasch, Laurie Winchenbaugh, Linsday, Aaron, Michelle.
Writers: Sarah W., Alex F., Aaron, Andrew
Music: Jesse Haugen
Sound: Kenji
VFX: Aaron, SoKrispy, Kijeon
Production: Michelle, Micah, Lorenzo, Dylann Olivier, Monica, Biani
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  1. MichaelIsMeName
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    Turn on closed captions to see me thoughts!

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      Rebeca Valencia
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      @อันดา กัญญาภักค ugk no 😍😘

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      stiched up Alice !!
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      @Victoria Costa ppp0p p] a p9

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      Roro Choco
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      I love you Michael 😘😘😍😍🤗😻😜😇

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      Nisa Nur
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      İi Ü

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  2. Fethi Bey
    Fethi Bey
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    Tom and Jerry 😃🤣

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    You are the best!!!

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    Shambhav's Experiments
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    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭Oh and vid nice and sad.

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    Muna Das
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  8. Lasneida Suarez Santana
    Lasneida Suarez Santana
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    the cat is very beutiful

  9. Lasneida Suarez Santana
    Lasneida Suarez Santana
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    Jaja te va os very beutiful

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    mirmehdi zeynalov
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    Senkyu verri mac

  11. Avery Morrison
    Avery Morrison
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    aww the mouse is so cute

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    byteKaren Henderson
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    #kill me

  13. byteKaren Henderson
    byteKaren Henderson
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    Oh sh

  14. owww
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    sounds like "Hog Hunt"

  15. Lhen Yaj
    Lhen Yaj
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    V cewdsx

  16. Jimmy Clarke
    Jimmy Clarke
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  19. bruh
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    Me and my cat Caramel loved this!!!! Great work!

  20. Laura Zabala
    Laura Zabala
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    I literally cried at 3:51. Did nobody cry there?

  21. B R U H H
    B R U H H
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    HUH NO GOod video i need reactionthis in kill but no = DISELIKE

  22. Anabelle Ador Dionisio
    Anabelle Ador Dionisio
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    Michael hugs hamster

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    Emiraras Yilmaz
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    sarı faremi olur gri veya siyah olmalı o hamster

  26. kevin cabanas
    kevin cabanas
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    The mouse is so cute 😁😻 I love it

  27. Jannette Bautista
    Jannette Bautista
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    The 🐁

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    Shamsul Haque
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    Fatima I have you Cuz

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    Jarosław Szałata
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    niezla mysz

  31. Crystal Gamer Roblox
    Crystal Gamer Roblox
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    Tbh mice are cute they don't deserve to get killed by cats but Rats tho

  32. Meryem Türkmen
    Meryem Türkmen
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    Cute is cat

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    Deusegrande Grande
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    🥰so cute Michael!!! 😍

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    💖💖💖 Beautiful Cats, check it out:

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    boozoo choozoo
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    Michael u are brave cat too

  42. boozoo choozoo
    boozoo choozoo
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    l like mouse there my cute mouse 🐭

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    Naughty mouse.

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    Please turn on Exercise

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    But that's not a mouse

  49. Simona Sladkova
    Simona Sladkova
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    Kočki jsou cute

  50. Alayjah Bright
    Alayjah Bright
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    When I watched the other vid it was about mike saying “Maybe me crazy, but me miss bob farts.” I cannot believe dat lol

  51. Adrianjuega
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    Jajjajjaaj Michael

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    Tom and jerry going on🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

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    SniperGod Gaming
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    The hamster looks like my hamster ;)

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    Erica Lopes
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    Preceu Tom e Jerry

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    Zyous kelly Javilinar
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    This was like tom and jerry

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    Pyae Phyo Khine
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    Tom and Jerry new version 😄😄

  58. Магамед Абушев
    Магамед Абушев
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  59. I Love My Cars
    I Love My Cars
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    Please don't hurt the cute mouse!

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    дмитрий набиев
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  62. Swatej Chogale
    Swatej Chogale
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    prince michael is genius

  63. Aurora’s Riding Shadow
    Aurora’s Riding Shadow
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  64. {SiSiSONka} LOVE
    {SiSiSONka} LOVE
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    My Favorite toys a Dols

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    Thomas Marcellino
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    Itu bukan tikus

  66. Igor Cebotari
    Igor Cebotari
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    Yyyyy7$ghna ,lzmfa bmlaltos pzKLk?

  67. Bharath Sathish
    Bharath Sathish
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    This not right just throw the mouse and lock it that's all

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    Anu Põld
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    RAHIM Gaming
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    it was an hamster

  71. BruhMations 2
    BruhMations 2
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    real life tom and jerry.

  72. Juliana Bastien
    Juliana Bastien
    Acum lună

    Thats a syrian hamster not a mouse! still this is cute though

  73. rishik komati reddy
    rishik komati reddy
    Acum lună

    This video is Tom and jerry

  74. Rehana Ferdousi
    Rehana Ferdousi
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    Tom and jerry! 😂😂😂

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    no es

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    وين العرب 😐❤️

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    Hello michael

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  83. Agent [REDACTED]
    Agent [REDACTED]
    Acum lună

    VERY nicely done. I would totally watch this as a TV show lol.

  84. Christina Cazares
    Christina Cazares
    Acum lună

    It looks like a hamster

  85. Brian Dennis
    Brian Dennis
    Acum lună

    Michael...he's a good soul.

  86. Sujata Samal
    Sujata Samal
    Acum lună

    If you take a closer look, you see its a hamster.

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    hartendauer annemarie
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    Ali Shreif
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    The mouse is soooooooo cute

    1. Alpha300
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      Oops sorry

    2. Fabiola Herrera
      Fabiola Herrera
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    3. Fabiola Herrera
      Fabiola Herrera
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      It is not a hamster its a mouse

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    Sofia Shvets
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    To byla rána!

  91. Sofia Shvets
    Sofia Shvets
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    Ооо классно!

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    Alisher Yadgarov
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    Cute dogs,cats and co
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    This is a hamster🤣

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    IDCA •Indonesia Cyber Army
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    This views in channel is fantastic!

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    Why was i thinking tom and jerry all this time.. 🤔

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    Nona Nona
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    mini boyx
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    3:14 details :D

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    Андрей Шмырев
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    Клас!!!!Хомяк зачетный,а кот крутой...