The Cat Who Caught the Laser

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Prince Michael does the impossible and catches the laser.
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    Thanks for watching and 500k everyone!

    1. WORLD MIXED Creation
      WORLD MIXED Creation
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      Hollow Stxr
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      Well u litterally have 5 million now!:D

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      J Mc
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      Who’s here for 5 mill

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      Game cheat
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      Drop the k and add four 0’s

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      @Onionhaseyo Mint no one can se everything

  2. airham the great
    airham the great
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    for the first time in history cats have finally held the red dot

  3. ꧁itz_kylie꧂
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    Lmao I think this was inspired by the dog thing that has white smoll dog and white brown dog and ticc dark brownxD and the white dog(female) got the laser and ate it

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  10. The TrashCan 0.2
    The TrashCan 0.2
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    *I love these types of videos, yet, I know this is fake 😂*

  11. SOURAVI DAS stad
    SOURAVI DAS stad
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    Here after a few years.

  12. bassmaniac9
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    Cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ especially that cartoon drawing at the end with that music ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Roka 2500
    Roka 2500
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    No me la container

  14. Yasra Bakhshi
    Yasra Bakhshi
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    Wow very cute 😍 ☺ ❤

  15. Haylee
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    This is so accurate 🤣

  16. ꧁Jen Be Random꧂
    ꧁Jen Be Random꧂
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    me 40 seconds into the video My sister: You still watching that commercial?!

  17. Shana Nieto
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  18. Braydon Unger
    Braydon Unger
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    I love the content

  19. Fuad İsmayıllı
    Fuad İsmayıllı
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    Видео: англ Название ролика: русск Коменты: тоже англ

  20. BramVram
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    its so fake ahahahahah

  21. ً
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    Rip dream

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  23. Hanzo
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    New viewer here

  24. Lol Lol
    Lol Lol
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    Not gonna lie, I clicked this expecting a Rick Roll...

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    Meow Vlogs
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    Dis amazing

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    I like vidio it is

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    Wholesome meme

  28. Torana Dev
    Torana Dev
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    Something about that cat seems a little off.

  29. Leonardo Mejias
    Leonardo Mejias
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    yo al ver el titulo IMPOSIBLE

  30. Aaron Ulises Suárez Botello
    Aaron Ulises Suárez Botello
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    one god

  31. cuidando do seu animal
    cuidando do seu animal
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    Para vocês é Brazil

  32. cuidando do seu animal
    cuidando do seu animal
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    Sou português Brasil

  33. Pono Smith
    Pono Smith
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    Cat is cute but you make it look fake.

  34. Ethan Miller
    Ethan Miller
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    Puppet tho

  35. Nikoleta Radeva
    Nikoleta Radeva
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    Big...big kiss...

  36. Swetha Ranjith
    Swetha Ranjith
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    He literally looks like a toy omgg🥰😍

  37. 手作りArt & Crafts
    手作りArt & Crafts
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    Meow Meow o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ

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    isa gamepro2006
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    And how did i get this recommended, xD 🤣 🤣 🤣

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    Blue Chaos
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    Its big billy

  40. Itz_ Nia . Playz . Gacha
    Itz_ Nia . Playz . Gacha
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  41. owww
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    "The Cat who caught the Laser" In your Dreams

  42. party gal
    party gal
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    There is a proffecy that one day a cat will catch the lazer...

  43. cloudysfn
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    6k dislike, I actually meant to like and yes I like the video I just think it’s cool that I was the 6k dislike, lol.

  44. Cupcake Blush
    Cupcake Blush
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    I thought the cat was real-

  45. Kiele Lykins
    Kiele Lykins
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    Why do I have a cat that looks exactly like this and always sticks her tongue out! 😹😂

  46. Super Mario 64 Beta's 2nd Channel
    Super Mario 64 Beta's 2nd Channel
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    0:29 what music called?

  47. Funny Pets Tube
    Funny Pets Tube
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    @0:48 😹😹

  48. Ordinary Olives
    Ordinary Olives
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    I read the videos age as 2 years later

  49. Gaster
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  50. Cardiea Williams
    Cardiea Williams
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    Turn on subtitles

  51. herhangi biri
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  52. Heydi Lynch
    Heydi Lynch
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    Chariots Of Fire

  53. Miaugato UwU
    Miaugato UwU
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    0:46 my city's news at 3 am

  54. Enoch Gurr
    Enoch Gurr
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    haters will say the cat is a puppet

  55. Techno Rift
    Techno Rift
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    He’s the legend!!!

  56. シCookiedile
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    ROfree: wanna see a cat that caught a laser? 10 Million people: *yea sure*

  57. Inkela Gamer
    Inkela Gamer
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    This cat is 4 parallel universes ahead of me

  58. Britney Xiong
    Britney Xiong
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    The sanic ball theme song lol

  59. fnaf fan
    fnaf fan
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    This is so fake

    1. ꧁Nancy Dreemurr꧂ ツ
      ꧁Nancy Dreemurr꧂ ツ
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      Wow! Seriously? I had no idea :0

  60. Артëм Крицкий
    Артëм Крицкий
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  61. ReotPro R302
    ReotPro R302
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    Encontré un comentario en español, has encontrado tú uno? (Aparte de este) si es así, bien hecho muchacho o muchacha, o animal, o engendro, o lo que quieras ser, no me importa la verdad

  62. WORLD MIXED Creation
    WORLD MIXED Creation
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  63. Veronica Watts
    Veronica Watts
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    What's the theme at 0:20

  64. Electric Gaming
    Electric Gaming
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    Put cc on you can hear the cats thoughts

  65. Aldo Gutierrez Velazquez
    Aldo Gutierrez Velazquez
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    The subtitles make it comedy.

  66. jay the e2 tank engine
    jay the e2 tank engine
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    This suits his grace

  67. MacNCheese 3014
    MacNCheese 3014
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    It cried almost

  68. R.J. Dragon
    R.J. Dragon
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    Music name

  69. TheHazyy [Press F]
    TheHazyy [Press F]
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    Aaron's cat: catches laser my cat: can't catch the candy

  70. кот сева
    кот сева
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    you mam the pop syka

  71. Эрик Веш
    Эрик Веш
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  72. HeyImAngeline
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    Is teh caat actually real all this time i thought it was real

  73. Liam Caro
    Liam Caro
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    So fake

    1. ꧁Nancy Dreemurr꧂ ツ
      ꧁Nancy Dreemurr꧂ ツ
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      Wow! Seriously? I do not believe! I had no idea! You are a genius :0

  74. EnderHomieWasTaken
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    Expectation vs Reality

  75. XxYericoGhoulxX 1
    XxYericoGhoulxX 1
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    New suscriptor

  76. Zidan Syed
    Zidan Syed
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    What has technolgy become

  77. A person
    A person
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    He defined science

  78. Taco Dog Łõł
    Taco Dog Łõł
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    Do u use like a real cat then a fake cat

  79. Kimi Lin
    Kimi Lin
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    Congrats Michael

  80. Zoo cat Official
    Zoo cat Official
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    Nitip sandal

  81. • Venice & Choco •
    • Venice & Choco •
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    Owner of the cat: **playing with the cat knowing he wont get the lazer** The cat: *uno reverse card*

  82. ༒Animation Stick-man Studios༒
    ༒Animation Stick-man Studios༒
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    The captions tho haha 😆!

  83. Xsanty_epicX XD
    Xsanty_epicX XD
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    El gato más poderoso xd

  84. gabikam08
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  85. The plex
    The plex
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    Sad ending

  86. Hello I DONT HAVE A NAME LOL oh wait this is a name
    Hello I DONT HAVE A NAME LOL oh wait this is a name
    Acum 11 Zile

    The cats in Pets 2 be like: Wait... DOES THAT MEAN GIDGET ISN’T THE FIRST ONE TO CATCH THE LASER???

  87. Hellfire
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    Why is this in my recommended? I haven’t watched you in three years

    1. Trashify
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  88. The durpy British pug
    The durpy British pug
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    What am I watching?

  89. Plus The P Man
    Plus The P Man
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    This dude used a apple TV remote as a laser I'm fucking laughing

  90. Elmo Aflores
    Elmo Aflores
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    Scientist shock

  91. Matt plays Roblox
    Matt plays Roblox
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    Aaronsaninals your cat look like mine

  92. Eclipse7090
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    Look at the captions!

  93. Oofy Animations
    Oofy Animations
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    Alternative title : the cat that amazed us all

  94. MegaKingElliot
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    The cats movement looks fake.

    1. Agent Ray
      Agent Ray
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      ? Are you silly? This is meant to be a stop-motion animation! Obviously it's not real! And this guy worked really hard to do this so don't just say that!

  95. Vincent Pan
    Vincent Pan
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    Imagine if the lazer was on his head instead of his paw. Oof😣

  96. Deadpool
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    Turn the captions on to see Micheal’s thoughts!

    1. Animal Krew
      Animal Krew
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  97. Samuel Andres Mancera Maldonado
    Samuel Andres Mancera Maldonado
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    1:00 jajajajaj Michael The cat who caught the laser xD

  98. SharkzillaBoi Lol
    SharkzillaBoi Lol
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    Kinda fake

    1. ꧁Nancy Dreemurr꧂ ツ
      ꧁Nancy Dreemurr꧂ ツ
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      Our! I do not believe! Seriously? I thought it was super real! You are a genius :0

  99. Labinha Venceslau
    Labinha Venceslau
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    Oxi ._.

  100. a little bit of everything
    a little bit of everything
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    How did u do it?