The Matchmaker

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Prince Michael plays Hitch for the day after noticing Aaron could use some company.
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Talent: Shelise Hufstetler (Nancy), Emily Wilson (Jess), Ashley Bornancin (Gwen), Mikki Hernandez (Sara), Desi Molinari (Desi), Lorenzo Anzoleaga (Ex-Boyfriend), Michelle Benitez, Milo
Thanks for watching!
Thanks to everyone who helped including Pescado Dorado and Geezers in Santa Fe Springs for letting us use their restaurants to film.
Writers: Sarah W., Alex F., Aaron, Andrew
Music: Andrew
Sound: Kenji
VFX: Kijeon, Olivier B., Aaron
Production: Clark, Robert, Michelle, Micah, Reid


  1. 5MadMovieMakers
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    Michael sure types fast without opposible thumbs, but really needs to work on handing out better tips! Dude that guitarist has bills to pay

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    Ali Şahin
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  5. Ali Şahin
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    No cat can do these things

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  7. Lata Nakum
    Lata Nakum
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    Your videos are bestest i like your video and that cat was very cute and his friend jen also make one more video of jen

  8. Julia Barbie Girl
    Julia Barbie Girl
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    I NEED this cat in my LIFE!!

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    zareen subha
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    Heart melting

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    Mi3 The
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    Year cat is so nise

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    Alexandre de Rouville
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    These videos make my day. Keep up the terrific work!😸

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    Daniel Martinez cruz
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    Me encantan estos videos

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    Kocham twoje filmiki!

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    he is so nice

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    The Villager whisper
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    Is Mic Real Or?..cgi

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    nour kharrat
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    ♡♡soo nice

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    The Masha
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    Почему видео написана на русском а сам хозяин иностранец? РУССКИЕ ВЫ ХДЕ?!?!?!?!

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    Waylon Jackson
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    Awwwww! Michal is so awesome!

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    So himself a girl for real...?

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    shreya singh
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    Can I borrow Michael for a day?

  30. Jeff 1978
    Jeff 1978
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    Wie kann man der Katze so ne scheiß Oma Kleid zurecht schneiden

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    Єва Лагута
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    Котик такий самостійний

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    i want to eat
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    so cute

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    So so cute !!😍😍🥰

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    alessandro joel aviles avila
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    Michael is very cool

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  40. Crow
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    When a cat is more useful than all of society

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    😂 LOL

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    dayron Parrales
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    me gusta mucho este Vídeo

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    4:08 , 4:09 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Amazing you are Great

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  47. scarlett playz royale high
    scarlett playz royale high
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    Bruh Michael ship his owner with a girl 😂

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    Mau & Sam
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    Cute cute cute 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🤩🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🌌🌌

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    Canesten 😂😂

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    Y/t User
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    I thought that cat is cgi..but wohh it's real😰

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    Joyce Paiva
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    Eu necessito desse gato

  53. Joel Mosier
    Joel Mosier
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    Awesome video, very Funny. Mr Aaron you are very talented and love your kitty cat. The best movie with a cat in it. This one was funny. Thank you

  54. MyLaluş!X100UMi
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    gay kat

  55. MyLaluş!X100UMi
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    land say
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    i wish i had a cat like that

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    Milen Arnez
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    Michael and love

  58. Shovrik
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    По взгляду этого кота модно сказать что его все заебало

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    Your cats super

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    Sweety Sarkar
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    Choooooo cute 😍

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    Alex Sych
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    Kolyan Gavrin
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    I love cat

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    Dulce Blox
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    1.05 so cute cat

    1. Dulce Blox
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  64. Sukla Ghosh
    Sukla Ghosh
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    And he himself (the cat) is still single.

  65. Zal Yusri
    Zal Yusri
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    OH NO THE ICE CREAMM!!!!!! (background vid on 4:07)

  66. Preethi Sree
    Preethi Sree
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    This is the only place where humans date cats!!!

  67. Said Umar
    Said Umar
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    How do you do this videos man? How do you do to the cat going sitting doing and drawing??

  68. Shark Loves Whale
    Shark Loves Whale
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    3:35 He's a genius.

  69. Frederik De Schepper
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    Nobaddi that fint it stranche to tolk to a cat

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  71. Rituparna Sarkar
    Rituparna Sarkar
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    Michael should be the mascot of famous dating sites😂 He's so adorable.

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    I actully copied hes number🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    aquí alguien Abla español?

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  75. Brian Talana
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    Luca Hu
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    And I love this cat

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    Luca Hu
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    I’am the cat it’s so so cute

  78. LEADER
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    நல்ல பூனைக்குட்டி. எங்கிட்ட இப்படி ஒரு பூனை இல்லை

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    Laura King
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    I love all Prince Michael videos

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    Прикольная задумка)))

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